Who We Are

The Malta Association of Physiotherapists is the sole voluntary organization representing the physiotherapy profession in Malta and Gozo.

Its mission statement is “to advance and expand the scope of physiotherapy for the benefit of the Maltese physiotherapy community, ultimately rendering an optimized circumstance for the care of the Maltese citizen. We aim to facilitate continuous professional development for our members, to support the legal framework within which we operate and to strengthen our networks and affiliations with International Associations and with local stakeholders”.


To maintain and upgrade standards of physiotherapy according to international standards

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To promote the profession at a national and international level

To maintain and renew the Code of Ethics and Practice of the Profession

To ensure due observance of the Code of Ethics and Practice of the Profession by all the members of the Association

To liaise, in an advisory capacity, with Health Authorities, Professional Bodies and Voluntary Organisations, regarding issues related to physiotherapy

To further the interest, and to enhance and safeguard the welfare of all the Association’s members

To voice opinions on physiotherapy related issues

To maintain and upgrade a website related to the Profession

Corporate Sponsors