About MAP

Who We Are

The Malta Association of Physiotherapists is the sole voluntary organisation representing the physiotherapy profession in Malta and Gozo.

Its mission is to advance and expand the scope of physiotherapy for the benefit of the Maltese physiotherapy community, ultimately rendering an optimized circumstance for the care of the Maltese citizen. We aim to facilitate continuous professional development for our members, to support the legal framework within which we operate and to strengthen our networks and affiliations with International Associations and with local stakeholders.

The MAP committee is composed of: 

  • President – Ms Hannah Preca Trapani 
  • Vice President – Mr Andrew Pisani 
  • Treasurer – Ms Kimberley Sevasta
  • CEO – Ms Krista Firman
  • CPD Coordinator – Ms Cassandra Haber 
  • PRO Coordinator – Ms Nicole Micallef 
  • Communications Coordinator – Mr Martin Attard

History of MAP


The association was founded and set up by Doreen Camilleri.

1974 - 1992

The association acted mainly as a social group and point of access and reference for local physiotherapists.

1989 - 1992

There was an ongoing discussion on the organisation of the MAP. In 1992 the first official statute of the MAP was written, the first newsletter was published and a number of social activities were organised.

1992 - 1997

The MAP functioned primarily as an interest group for physiotherapists and lectures were organised for ongoing CPD purposes.


2003 - 2007

Interest in MAP dwindles.


MAP celebrates it’s 40 year anniversary.


MAP committee members attend to general meeting and congress held in Singapore.


The new MAP Committee was elected for the next two years.


The list of registered physiotherapists in Malta was published.

The Physiopedia plus platform was provided to each and every member as part of the yearly membership package.

Achievements and Highlights


MAP became a member of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT)


A national conference on physiotherapy is organised titled ‘Physiotherapy Xpression’.

The first course was organised: Brian Mulligan was brought from New Zealand to teach ‘Mobilisations with Movement’.


A leaflet was produced on physiotherapy and distributed widely.


First official internal talks on ‘Warrant’.


MAP became a member of the European Region WCPT.


General acclaim by physiotherapists to revive MAP.

A new committee was formed in March.

MAP organised a national conference on rehabilitation in conjunction with MUMN.
– MAP brought over a foreign lecturer from the UK
– 220 participants


MAP is a signatory and founding member of the

MAP is officially enrolled as a Voluntary Organisation under the VO Act.

MAP officials attend the ERWCPT General Meeting in Athens
– MAP President is nominated onto the EU Matters Working Group of ERWCPT and becomes the first Maltese official to be elected onto an international committee.
– MAP joins WCPT in the Movement for Health Campaign and produces a DVD on physiotherapy. This DVD is requested by many international partners.
– MAP facilitates the attendance to a Neuro-rehab conference for 10 members in Italy and coordinates the event


MAP is affiliated to the MFPA (Malta Federation of Professional Associations)

MAP became a member of MEUSAC and started to apply for EU Funds

MAP organises 29 hours in CPD training for physiotherapists attended by  147 physios

MAP President starts a Consultation Process and in 6 months invites all physiotherapists in Malta to a meeting which eventually leads to the creation of this Task Force

MAP meets Royal Dutch Society for Physical Therapy (KNGF) in Amersfoort, the Netherlands

MAP meets Chartered Society of Physiotherapy in London


2007- 2010

MAP members endorse 4 Declarations of Principle

2008 - 2010

MAP starts discussions on Professional Indemnity Insurance for members and concludes a historic deal in March 2010. For the 1st time, MAP is able to offer PI to members.


MAP applies for job training for members through the Leonardo da Vinci/Socrates program.


The PI provider was changed and the better terms we secured for MAP members.

Documents were forwarded to the PM and PS for Health on the Development of Physiotherapy Services in Malta and Overcoming the Barriers hindering Physiotherapy Professional Development.

MAP participated at the GM meeting and the Congress of the WCPT that took place in Singapore. It was at this GM that Dr. John Xerri de Caro was appointed as the ER representative of the WCPT to the global Physiotherapy community. 

The MAP Journey, MAP’s strategic direction for the future, was discussed.

The MAP participated at the national conference on Obesity at which a MAP Position statement was forwarded.

The research study ‘Gauging the Incidence of Obesity of Maltese children’, a study that MAP undertook in collaboration with the Ministries of Education and Health was launched.


MAP Working Group reports and recommendations for the term 2016-2018 were presente

MAP Committee election for the next two years was elected.

ER-WCPT videos to promote Physical Activity (with MAP logo) were launched. 

The MAP participated at the President’s Forum on the Wellbeing of Society including attending the Wellbeing and Retirement Conference.

The MAP attended the GM ER-WCPT in Cyprus

A Joint Press release with MAM re the MOU signed between ER-WCPT and European Doctors was published.

MAP attended the SIP conference representing MHN and MAP’s endorsement of SIP as the EU platform on Pain.


The policy documents (CPD document; Revision of the Declaration of Principles on Continuous Professional Development by the MAP Education Working Group & Ethics) were developed by the MAP working groups 

MAP as the Professional Body legally representing the Physiotherapy Profession in MALTA was directly involved in the process called for by the Minister of Health to develop Post graduate Specialist Training Frameworks for Specialist registration.

The list of registered physiotherapists in Malta was published.

The MAP was represented at the closing conference of the Single Market Forum for 2016/2017, which was held under the auspices of the EU Presidency. At this event we were lucky to welcome to Malta, Mr Roland Craps (Vice Chair of ER-WCPT) who formed part of the panel of discussion on the European Professional Card.

The MAP was represented in the CEPLIS meeting on the European Commission Package of Services also held under the auspices of the EU Presidency.

Active participation in the SIP Symposium held in Malta as part of the EU Presidency (with a presentation on the role of the Physiotherapist in Pain Management and reporting at the Pre-Symposium session). At this conference, MAP reaffirmed its continued endorsement of SIP as the EU platform on Pain. MAP was also representing the ER-WCPT Professional Issues Working Group at this symposium.

MAP’s representation on the MFPA and MHN.

KNOWLEDGE / Education 

The Physiopedia plus platform was provided to each and every member as part of the yearly membership package.

Membership to WCPT network of Private Practitioners, IPPTA

Awareness Campaigns: This year’s World Physiotherapy Day promoting Exercise and Physical Activity at Valletta

Document Downloads

Standards Of Practice
Professional Autonomy
MAP Specialisation
MAP Statute November 2016
Code Of Practice Physiotherapy
MAP Privacy Policy
MAP CPD Guidelines
MAP Code of Ethics