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Information Regarding COVID-19 Outbreak

The Malta Association of Physiotherapists is committed to keeping this website updated in such rapidly evolving times with information that is provided to us by National Health Authorities, European and International Partners.

Please note that as the MAP offices are located in Gzira and that they are closed until further notice. All general enquiries should be directed to [email protected].

Letter from Maria-Louisa Busuttil – President, Malta Association of Physiotherapists

We have prepared a list of valid links with regards to COVID- 19:


General Information:


Information for Physiotherapists:


Information for Clients:


Movement Session Elderly


Movement Session Elderly using wheelchair


Courses for Physiotherapists:

A programme of courses to help you to play a proactive role in reducing the impact of this pandemic (you’ll need a free trial account):



We would like to thank Physiopedia for supporting our physiotherapy students in continuing their educational activity in such critical times through free access for Physiopedia

We do trust that this information can assist you in your daily measures as physiotherapy practitioners, managers and policy makers. Whilst asking you to stay safe, the MAP committee would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your professional work and commitment towards the nation in such challenging moments for Malta. Last updated 27/03/2020.