Information Release: COVID-19 pandemic


2nd August 2020
Information Release: COVID-19 pandemic
Attn: Members and Colleagues

The President and the Executive Board of the Malta Association of Physiotherapists, together with the Scientific Committee of the 2nd Maltese Physiotherapy Conference regretfully announce that the national physiotherapy conference that should have been held on the 1st of September 2020 will be cancelled with no further actions on the event till date.

The reasons for this decision are the following:

1. Risk Assessment – following a risk assessment on the National situation with regards to COVID-19, it has become very evident that the current circumstances are highly unstable and unpredictable and therefore, as it stands, eliminating the risk of contagion is highly improbable.


2. Troubling moments – during these unsettling moments, we want to demonstrate complete solidarity both to our physiotherapy colleagues as well as to other healthcare professionals by cancelling this event. In light of this, we want to be of assistance to our physiotherapy colleagues, by making MAP and its resources available during the coming days/weeks/months.


3. Cancellations – as speakers and attendees are mostly front-liners supporting the Maltese Health system during this COVID-19 pandemic, this undoubtedly required a shift in their priorities, and consequently, their commitment, which, unsurprisingly, led to multiple cancellations. We have fully understood these priorities, and as a sign of solidarity will be putting this conference on hold. Refunds will be provided to the attendees in the coming days.


On behalf of the MAP Executive Board, we would like to thank wholeheartedly the members of the Scientific Committee and the members of the Organizing Committee for contributing intensely for the past months despite such exceptional circumstances. We also want to thank the sponsors who supported this conference and the participants who have registered for the conference. Finally and most importantly we would like to thank all the speakers that have accepted to contribute to this event which unfortunately has never materialized.

We would like to wish you good health. Stay safe!


Malta Association of Physiotherapists