The Who, What and Where

MAP Future Network

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           The idea behind the MAP Future Network was born during “The MAP Journey: 2014-2019” consultation session. A small number of physiotherapy students attended this workshop and a discussion arose about the importance of inclusion of students in MAP. It was decided that two students from each year of the physiotherapy course should meet up with a representative from MAP and form a student advisory body. From this, the MAP Future Network was born.

            Our main aim is to strengthen the students’ voice and create a symbiotic relationship between qualified physiotherapists and physiotherapy students, both on a local and international level. Furthermore this aligns with the WCPT – Future Network, which represents student and early career physiotherapists on an international level.

            Our current goal is to encourage as many students as possible to join MAP, under the auspices of MAP future, allowing easy access to continued professional development (CPD) and social events. This will give students the opportunity to meet and discuss with graduated physiotherapists who are experts in their fields. In addition, we also aim to educate the general population about physiotherapy, in the hope of eradicating misconceptions, as well as creating a positive ideology of the profession. As stated above, we also act as a bridge between the physiotherapy students in Malta and those in other countries, working in conjunction and aligning with international organisations such as WCPT future.

            Each member in the student advisory body has been assigned a specific role. We realised that social media is an excellent tool to convey information from the network to students. Therefore, we have appointed social media coordinators, who make use of various forms of media to get in touch with students.

            Within the body, one may also find a secretary general, communications coordinators, education coordinators and events coordinators. Although the student advisory body is still in its early stages, we are working hard to achieve our full potential, and to be the link between physiotherapy students in Malta and professionals. We are also working to represent students and early career professionals on an international level. If you would like to get further involved or learn more about MAP’s student advisory body kindly email [email protected]