The MAP would like to inform you that you may now apply or renew your membership for 2023 and/or Professional Indemnity (PI) for the year of 2023-2024, covering from 1st April to 31st March 2024.  Please read below before applying. 
Professional Indemnity(PI)
The PI ONLY applies to:
  • those who are working full-time/part-time self-employed. 
  • those who see patients outside of their full-time/part-time employment (e.g home visits etc). 
The PI is NOT applicable to those who are not self-employed. In this case, the PI would need to be provided by your employer and not through our PI package that is being offered here. 
The PI Proposal Form is attached, this must be filled by each individual physiotherapist. Some of the options have already been filled out in order to make the application process smoother. 
It is important to point out that PI applications need to be submitted as soon as possible, prior to the start of the new PI cover.
Kindly find the membership options available below:
  1. Option 1: MAP Membership (Including Physiopedia Plus CPD Portal) valid till the end of December 2023: €60
  2. Option 2: MAP Membership (Including Physiopedia Plus CPD Portal) valid till the end of December 2023 & Professional Indemnity Cover valid till the end of March 2024: €165
  3. Option 3: MAP Student Membership (Including Physiopedia Plus CPD Portal) €20 (1st years free)

Once payment is received, access to Physiopedia Plus CPD Portal shall be granted through your website login on

To apply for the above packages, click on “Apply now” below and fill in the Google Form.

When applying for PI, kindly print, fill and sign the attached PI Proposal Form. The PI form must be uploaded to the Google Form in order to complete your application and professional indemnity cover.
We look forward to welcoming you as members for this term! Should you require further assistance, kindly contact us on [email protected]


Council Membership
with Professional Indemnity (PI) Cover
165 / Year
Council Membership
without Professional Indemnity (PI) Cover
60 / Year
Student Membership
2nd year to 4th year students
20 / Year
Free Student Membership
1st Year Students only
0 / Year
MAP Professional Indemnity Proposal Form