SIP Symposium


The SIP 2017 symposium that took place in Hotel Excelsior, Valletta consisted of 4 working groups on Jun 8th followed by plenary sessions on June 8 and 9. Over 200 participants  represented all stakeholder groups involved in pain policy (health care professionals, pain policy advocates, politicians, regulators, and budget holders, representatives of patient organisations, insurances and health authorities). The Pre-Symposium was held at the same venue between 15.00-18.30hrs on 7th June 2017.

The following were the topics discussed:

  1. European and national platforms addressing the societal impact of pain
  2. Impact of pain on labour and employment
  3. Pain as a quality indicator for health systems
  4. Challenges, models and best practices in pain policy
  5. Evolving concepts in the definition of chronic pain: a dynamic process
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